As if parenting weren’t tough enough, trying to teach our kids to do the right thing, to understand why, and so on. But we also have to explain why some people don’t do the right thing, people we have no control over.

Last night the boys went with me to the grand opening of our new Volleyball Club. As we watched the main event, a match between the club teams of Virginia Tech and JMU, There were a ton of people there for the event and the boys were definitely more interested in the moon bounce and games they had setup for the kids but allotted me a few minutes to watch the title match (more on that later).

The club is setup in with a net hanging from the ceiling between the courts and to section off the other areas (tables, concessions, etc.). This protects from balls wiping off a table but still allows those sitting to watch the games. This is not new at the new club but the way people were acting was.

There are doorways of sorts cut into the netting for people to access the playing area. With all the people around, numerous attendees decided to pull the net up and go underneath it rather than walk around, 10 feet away, to the doorway. I thought this approach was simply lazy and although was not really causing any harm, just seemed senseless.

So, when the boys began to do the same thing, I instructed them not to. They stated “But he did” pointing to the adult who just pulled the net up and walked under it. I told them no, we were not going to do that and if they wanted to get on the other side, to walk around.

One reason for this is pretty simple- even though a dozen others went under the net, I was fairly certain that when my boys attempted to do it, the possibility that the net would come down increased. I it is just a fact of life. The other is that this was a good chance to establish that just because someone else does something (especially something I consider lazy) does not mean we have to. Not an easy lesson to convey so every opportunity should be taken to teach it.

Overall we had a great time even if most of it was spent in front of a moon bounce rather than a volleyball match or chatting with friends. It is all good, I am glad they came along and further more, glad that we got a chance to learn a few things- about volleyball and life. You can’t get enough of that (the life part).