Last week the boys went to Target to blow, I mean, spend some of their Christmas money. They were actually pretty good at what they picked out. When we got to the register, I told them to thank the cashier after she checked them out. They gave an obligatory “Thank You” and started to move along.

For some reason it dawned on me to take it a little farther. I asked them if they were happy (knowing the answer with the big excited smiles on their faces while looking in the bags at their newly purchased treasures). They said yes. I told them that when you are happy, you should thank someone. They smiled at the cashier and thanked her again. She thought the idea was pretty “cool”.

So I thought about it more- yes, typically when we are happy there is someone involved in getting us there, someone who has helped us be happy. We should thank them. Granted, sometimes we are happy with our own accomplishments, and there are exceptions to every rule, but when you are happy just stop long enough to think if there is someone you should thank. Them give them a big smile and say “Thank You”. Chances are you will get a smile in return.