Yes, I still believe in leading by example and perhaps some positive can be found in this but for now, I will even allow an exception to my rule. From time to time you just have to thumb your nose at your kids to make you point well know, loud and clear. I think we have earned the right!

So here is how our story goes- my wife was looking forward to a nice breakfast at a local place this morning and had been planning on it for the past day or two. Add to that we had Chinese last night for dinner so we both woke up famished. Then, my youngest states that he hates that place, he doesn’t want to go, etc., etc.

That was enough, in her state of hypoglycemia, for my wife to nearly abandon the trip. We pressed on and I did my best to make the boys “seem” happy about going. On the way there, things subsided a bit into general conformity.

Once there, my youngest states he is not hungry, he is not eating, he just wants something to drink. When challenged he brings to our attention that he already ate a bowl of cereal. I remind him that most mornings he has a more hearty breakfast and we both tell him that being hungry when we get home is not allowed- he stands his ground.

I decided to go with the bird in hand approach and ordered a waffle for him after he chose that to my question “If you were hungry, what would you get?” I tell him I will eat it if he doesn’t. Waffle comes, his tune changes, he consumes over two-thirds of it. AND, proclaims that he likes it, it is the pancakes there that he doesn’t like.

At this point it is hard not to thumb your nose at him. To pick on him and make fun of his actions leading up to the realization that yes, he is hungry and yes, he does like the food. Wouldn’t that make the point more poignant and easier to recall next time we go through these motions?

But alas, we took the high ground and smiled to one another without a word or taunt to him. We will still recall this next time he objects to this or another place to eat but I am guessing his recollection will be clouded. But we do have the event of his brother pulling his own tooth out in the bathroom during breakfast to recall this visit by. See pictures at for that one.