First, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and whatever your faith, an enjoyable long weekend.  We had a wonderful Christmas with family all around and of course, the boys had a great time with their presents.  Our day started off at home with Jen’s Parents and Uncle spending the night and my Mother coming over early to watch the boys rip through their gifts from Santa and us all.

We stayed around the house for a few hours to allow the boys to play with their new found treasures and to let the adults catch their breath.  Can I tell you how much I hate the modern packaging of toys?  With all the wire twist ties and tape, even a sharp pair of scissors can’t do the trick sometimes.  Although I have to say this year seemed better than some- at least we didn’t have any of the sealed plastic containers that typically lead to some form of puncture wound.  But enough on that rant, we will save some for the Podcast.

In the afternoon, we packed up the clan and headed to my Mother’s where we had dinner with her and my Grandfather.  We then opened more gifts and then opened the door to chaos.  Good chaos but chaos nonetheless.  My Aunt, Cousin, her husband and 2 kids, her sister-in-law and boyfriend and my other cousins 3 kids (5 adults, 5 kids for those keeping score at home) came over with all the fanfare you could expect.  My youngest began to work the room, my oldest too a much more reserved position behind the couch.

The additional gift giving and desert (yes, add sugar to kids and you get nothing but fun) took place and my oldest was still acting somewhat odd stating he was shy but seemed more than that.  After some of the commotion died down (with the departure of my Aunt’s clan), my oldest stated that he didn’t feel well.  He mulled about for a bit, made a loud burp and then said he felt better.

Not so fast.  The way home is about 40 minutes.  It was foggy (the first time in several weeks that the temperature had risen about 40, it was actually close to 50 by the time we were headed home around 8 PM and the snow was putting off a lot of fog) and I was concentrating on the road, amid being tired from wrapping gifts until midnight and getting up with the excitement of the boys early that morning.  These conditions led to a reluctance to stop for anything, although this reluctance was challenged.

About halfway home, my oldest, sitting in the middle seats in the van, stated he felt sick.  He had fallen asleep and withing seconds, he was “getting sick” on the floor between the seats.  Luckily my wife was quick to react, was able to turn around and assist him (since his reaction and fear was half of the issue- getting guidance was necessary) and furthermore, we were lucky that my youngest was in the back seat, far enough away.  We decided to press on to get home where we could more adequately deal with the situation.  He had a couple of bouts with it then was able to sit comfortably until we got home.

At home he continued with a couple a heaves and while trying to flush out his mouth, nearly knocked out a loose tooth (it was literally pointing straight forward but he kept it in his mouth until the following day).  He was tired and worn out from heaving so we setup towels around the couch and let him crash- keeping a close eye (and ear) on him.

Keeping an ear out revealed not him, but his brother, at 1:30 AM.  It seemed the bug had hit them both.  My youngest did well with it aside from the fact that he was half asleep for the most part and the part that was awake was not happy about being so (and hurling all the while).  This led to a magnitude of clean-up in the bathroom that accompanied the earlier scrubbing of the van floor mats.  Funny how cleanup of this nature seemed a lot easier when we were in college.

All in all we are not sure what both boys had.  They were both puke free the next day although rather lethargic.  We assume it to be a bug of some type and held our breaths that it wasn’t spread to family members.  As of this writing, it looks like it may have stricken Jen yesterday- same symptoms with a prolonged recovery, probably due to a lack of sleep.

So we are still in collective recovery mode and appreciate the long weekend once again to regain some normalcy.  With the holidays nearly over we will be back into our routines and looking forward to new adventures with the new year.  I am hoping to get a new show up over the weekend and a likely topic is New Year’s Resolutions- a time to renew, reset and start again to better ourselves and those around us.  But for now, we are just happy to be beyond this round of illness (keeping fingers crossed that I too won’t catch it).

Happy New Year All!!