Well, with a Heat Advisory in effect until tomorrow night and temperatures in the upper 90’s (Heat Index over 100), we spent some time at the pool today.  Finally, the water is warm (2 weeks ago I refused to get in with the boys, and their blue lips).  The hardest part was the walk back- my youngest had cut the bottom of both big toes (not sure how) and was in enough pain to whine the entire walk back.

What amazes me is how many friends the boys come across at the pool.  They always seem to run into a band of friends and the last couple of years their expanse of acquaintances seems to grow exponentially.  This is great.  With my youngest now into the mix with his school friends, I get a chance to relax and just look on.

It if funny, my youngest always seems to gravitate to the older kids.  He likes to play with his older brother’s friends and seems to almost ignore some of the kids his age.  In fact, today he found his reading buddy (an older student who helps him with reading) and played with him and one of his older friends most of the time.

So, I think this is going to be a good year at the pool.  True to form, it seems to get easier as the kids get older but I am sure that will change very soon.  Older will become harder before we know it.  No time to rest or let our guard down- Parenting from the Hip, have to always be on our toes.