I was running to the dump yesterday, taking more Master Bathroom demolition items to their final resting place, and along the way was followed by several people on motorcycles.  They appeared to be out for a joy ride, enjoying the fair weather and the country roads.  It made me think back to times when I was younger, when you actually drove around for fun, listening to tunes, usually after giving the car a good cleaning and maybe even a wax.  Those were the days, me and my Camaro just cruising around.

Now, times are a bit more complicated, full of things to do around the house, activities with the kids, and of course work and other obligations.  Earlier in the day, my oldest asked me to sit down with him to play the Wii.  I had put him off a couple of times already, working on something on the computer.  Once we sat down to play I informed him I could only do so for a few minutes- I had to get a shower before his brother’s playdate showed up, then get ready to take out the toilet, pull up the floor and yes, run it all to the dump.  His response to my limited time?  “Why are you always in such a hurry?”

Wow, talk about a question that will grip you and shake you to the bone.  I tried to muster some answer, something about being busy and us all doing a lot of stuff so we could have fun.   But, obviously his life has been impacted by our hectic schedule.  Obviously he wants more time and less to do.  Think about it, isn’t that kind of what we want as adults too, at least at times?

So at a time in my life when I am considering the midlife crisis.  When I am actually looking at trading in the pickup truck for the new Camaro (they are pretty cool).  A time when we are doing our best to be active and keep up the exercise, watching what we eat a little more (although not that much) and popping more Advil than I care to admit.  At this time I need to remember to make time, take time and not waste time with the boys.

Granted, we do a lot of activity with the boys, sometimes I wonder if we don’t do too much and keep them from time they should be spending with other kids their age; but we need to make sure that their lives don’t feel rushed.  Make sure that they don’t feel too active, too busy.  They will have plenty of time to do stuff with their friends, once they hit the age where hanging out with us is really not cool.  So our activities together now are essential, for all of our well being.  But I need to make sure we don’t over plan, over do, that we have time to breathe.  And maybe even take a joy ride once in a while.