Kind of funny, kind of disturbing that we can never avoid the battle for balance.  Got a new update from Family First- a great organization, from my perspective, helpful information and obviously the result of a lot of effort.  They are looking for a new Director of National [Somehting- will have to look it up].  What caught my attention was that this position requires 50% or more travel.  Is that really Family First, to be away from home more than 50% of the time?

My job requires some travel, couple days every couple of months.  It is no big deal with the family but I would prefer to be home with them.  I can’t imagine being away half the time.  I would go nuts.  As you can gather, I will not be applying for this job (again, great organization and would love to work with them, but not in this capacity- although HQ in Florida is a draw in and of itself).

What is your situation?  Does your job require travel or long hours and how do you deal with it?  Send me your thoughts – or call the hotline and leave a message – 804-SOS-LATE.