Yesterday the boys and I took Jen out to dinner for her birthday.  We went to a fancy restaurant that Jen and I love and we have actually taken the boys there once before.  We love it for the food- the good food we get and the typical stuff that the boys do not.  What does that mean?

Jen and I love the steaks (the place is called Copper Grill – Steak and Lobster House).  The filet on the bone is amazing- by leaving the bone in it retains more flavor and most of the time it is so tender it almost melts in your mouth.  Add to that experience the crab cake appetizer, the famous shrip ceasar salad and belgian fries as a side (they soak them so the natural sugars come out- almost like they are sweetened fries) and it is hard to resist.  Topped with Creme Brulee, if you have room for desert.

But the second best thing is they don’t have chicken fingers or pizza or fish sticks.  The boys are forced to setp outside of their typical orders and try something new.  For our oldest, he has discovered he likes crab cakes and ceasar salad.  Our youngest is not quite as adventurous, unless you consider an entree of Free Range Chicken an adventure.  The point is they are forced to step outside of their typical boundaries and it is a good thing.

So the challenge to you is try something new with the kids.  Make them try something new, even if just once in a while (a new thing a day might get a little crazy).  And for yourself, why not try something new with them?  Two years ago the boys and I tried Tae Kwon Do together- we are still sticking with it and having a lot of fun.  You never know what you might find if you start looking.