Tonight we returned to Tae Kwon Do for the first time in almost two weeks.  Due to my travel last week we missed the Tuesday class.  Thursday night the boys didn’t want to go (I can fight one not wanting to go but both is a tough sell) and Friday night and Saturday morning we had schedule conflicts.  Tuesday night this week they both complained about going (I think they were still tired from the weekend) so we skipped yet again.

Tonight they both whined a little but I got them dressed and we went.  Things (ie attitudes) were good for getting there and getting our pads one, etc.  Class started off well but after a couple of repetitions on practicing our form (steps 1-12 of 20), my youngest (Sir Talks-a-lot) started asking for water, ceased working together with us and started to become a general nuisance.  I finally told him if he would not participate he could not interrupt others and instructed him to sit down against the wall.

Well, here is the amazing part.  One of the Masters told him to come over to him, away from our groups (me, his brother and another boy) and began instructing him one-on-one.  What I didn’t realize until a little later was that he was showing him the next 4 steps in our form.  He then had Sir Talks-a-lot lead us through the new steps.  Talk-a-lot was thrilled and so engaged in showing us the new steps that he completely got over his boredom, thirst and everything else that was keeping him from actively participating minutes earlier.

The Master, also a father, really knows his stuff.  I was amazed at how it played out.  And, it seems so simple now.  It has sparked many thoughts- a great topic for a new DaddyCast coming soon.