Cycles – Part 1 of X

Life is full of cycles.  Annual cycles of holidays, vacations, school and work events.  Season cycles of sports and enjoying the changes in weather. As we progress through life we constantly cycle in and out of cycles. Parenting is full… Continue Reading →


I used to worry about our boys having friends.  When they were younger we would go on family hikes or all go to one of their sports events or visit family often on the weekends.  I noticed that they didn’t… Continue Reading →

The “I” in Team

I believe in the value of team sports.  I have seen studies (ex. showing candidates who played sports make better employees.  Being a part of a team builds character and teaches the value of commitment. There is an “I”… Continue Reading →

Why are we doing this?

We did the Anthem Moonlight Ride in Richmond again this year. We had to skip last year due to the ride conflicting with our beach week. This ride offers 8 and 17 mile courses that are family friendly and the… Continue Reading →

DaddyCast 212 – Detachment Parenting

The DaddyCast Episode 212 A Podcast for Parenting from the Hip! It has been a while – sorry. Athletic Inspirations realized – my oldest preps for his 5k with his Aunt. Our pet project – keeping fish alive!! Support the… Continue Reading →

Be Pushy

Last Sunday I rode over 60 miles on my bike in about three and a half hours. Prior to that the farthest I had pedaled was about 43 miles. A week prior to that it had been 35 miles. To… Continue Reading →

Encouragement and Achievement

VaDu – Mixed Relay Champs, a photo by LoveHouse Radio on Flickr. It is hardly uncommon to hear me say that we had a busy weekend. Most weekends are full of athletics (typically the boys’ soccer games, running or biking… Continue Reading →

We have become more hole

Jeans with the knee worn out Originally uploaded by LoveHouse Radio Jeans with a hole in the knee – it is like a right of passage for boys. It recalls images of Huck Finn and fishing and just all manner… Continue Reading →

Ice Cream maker- shake it, roll it, eat it!

Ice Cream maker- shake it, roll it, eat it! Originally uploaded by LoveHouse Radio The boys have been on an ice cream kick so for Christmas, my youngest received this Ice Cream maker that I found at It is… Continue Reading →

B-17 ride

B-17 ride Originally uploaded by LoveHouse Radio Got a text from my Mom this morning around 6:45 AM. Said she was lining up a ride in a B-17 for my grandfather and asked if I wanted to come watch. Watching… Continue Reading →

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