Cycles – Part 1 of X

Life is full of cycles.  Annual cycles of holidays, vacations, school and work events.  Season cycles of sports and enjoying the changes in weather. As we progress through life we constantly cycle in and out of cycles. Parenting is full… Continue Reading →

The four-wheeled family member

Do you remember the first car you rode in as a kid?  We all probably have some memory of a car from our childhood.  Rolling around in the back of a station wagon before it was a felony to ride… Continue Reading →

A Sport Hiatus?

Memorial Day weekend marked the end of the Spring sports season.  Notably, the end of club volleyball for both boys. The end was memorialized with 3 full days of the Boys’ East Coast Championships.  Our youngest son’s team played a… Continue Reading →

Mono O’ Monopod

Back on the topic of recording the boys’ games.  As I mentioned in my post “Follow Up on Doubling Up”, I was trying to find a resolution to a couple of challenges with recording volleyball matches when the boys are… Continue Reading →

Apple got it right, Apple got it wrong

While I know I am late to the party with this realization, Apple hit a homerun with the AirPods.  These little wireless earbuds are awesome.  I use them constantly, to the point that I find I am getting through my… Continue Reading →

Follow Up on Doubling Up

We really lucked out at the first tournament where both boys’ teams were playing.  The boys ended up playing on courts next to each other and add to that, the courts were along the back wall of RVC (Richmond Volleyball… Continue Reading →

Doubling Up

As I have mentioned (and as the header of the site eludes to), my hobby of the past few years has been to record the boys’ sporting events.  Part of the rebirth/redesign of the blog site includes the “Videography” section… Continue Reading →


I used to worry about our boys having friends.  When they were younger we would go on family hikes or all go to one of their sports events or visit family often on the weekends.  I noticed that they didn’t… Continue Reading →

The “I” in Team

I believe in the value of team sports.  I have seen studies (ex. showing candidates who played sports make better employees.  Being a part of a team builds character and teaches the value of commitment. There is an “I”… Continue Reading →

Fresh Start

Hello, again, hello. A month or so ago I decided to revamp my other site, LoveHouseRadio, to provide a sounding board blog space where I could start posting again.  One of the primary things I wanted to post was around… Continue Reading →

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